City Events & Tours


Rajasthan’s beautiful Pink City Jaipur , was the stronghold of a clan of rulers whose 3 hill forts and palaces in the city are important attractions 

Known as the pink city because of the colour of the stone used exclusively in the walked city.  Jaipur’s bazaars sell embroidered leather shoes , blue pottery , tie & die scarves and other exotic wares . Western Rajasthan itself forms a convenient circuit. In the heart of the thar desert which has shaped its history , lifestyles & architecture .

There is a commitment to building relationship of trust which is based on an understanding of the needs of clients . We also ensure that each of you has a memorable journey .Jaipur has always been identified as a mosaic of unsurpassed beauty . Its imposing forts & grand palaces, colourful & friendly people , Vibrant & beautiful festivals have always mesmerized visitor from all over the globe .

We would love to welcome budding and established designers to visit us in Jaipur & use our workshop to create the jewellery & we would try and make your every stay experientially enriching with unforgettable memories .