Why choose SC


Quality , Price sensitivity & affordable jewellery ;also the trending styles have always been the values that guided the Silver Creations’s team’s way of working , associated with the dynamism & will to win its founders .

The formula for success is based on the selection of exclusive collections . Thus we achieved an important prominent position in the market .

Personalized collections of innovative design continue to be the company’s focus on the future strategy, aiming to reach a greater diversity of customers .

Each piece is made for you to experience the beauty & wondernment felt only when you wear them . Different themes in the collection can stand alone or intermingle with other groupings . All designs are created for maximum versatility .

Service to the community is our motto . We strive towards this focused direction to make.

• Providing sustainable living to the traditional artisans
• Ethically sourced materials.
• Recycled silver used.
• Industry’s best practices.